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Albi DriClad FAQs

Suitable Locations

Can Albi DriClad be used in both interior and exterior locations?
No.  DriClad is designed for interior use.  
Can Albi DriClad sustain partial exposure to the elements while a building is under construction?  How long?
It can be used in exterior conditions for perimeter beams and columns for up to six months prior to being enclosed.  DriClad is a very forgiving material and can handle indirect exposure to weather during installation, but it is an interior product.  It should not be exposed to direct weathering or left unprotected for a prolonged time if construction is delayed.

Can DriClad be used in interior, unheated space?  What about a cover parking garage? 
Yes.  Albi DriClad is durable and highly moisture resistant.  It is well suited to semi-exposed conditions such as a parking garage.

Can Albi DriClad be used in conjunction with another type of fireproofing on the same piece?
Yes. Underwriters Laboratories allows split members, two different types of fireproofing on the same piece.               
What weather conditions restrict installation of Albi DriClad?
There are no weather restrictions for installing DriClad.  It can be installed year round, in all weather conditions.



What does Albi DriClad look like?
DriClad is manufactured and packaged as a 4 ft. x 6 ft. board.  It is yellowish beige in color and is flat with minor ridges.  When installed, DriClad forms a snug protective box around the steel member.  The appearance is clean, uniform and crisp.  It offers an attractive alternative to conventional, sprayed fireproofing.

Can DriClad be painted?
Yes.  The DriClad boards can be painted to achieve a desired color.  Paint will tend to soak into the board.  This gives the effect of a colored board, rather than a slick painted surface.         


Does Albi DriClad contain asbestos?
No.  All Albi products are asbestos-free.

What is DriClad made from?
Albi DriClad is made by a patented process from molten volcanic rock, spun into fine threads, impregnated with a special resin and compressed into rigid boards.  The boards are then fastened together using the AlbiScrew system.

Is Albi DriClad cost effective compared to spray-on fireproofing?
Yes, DriClad is relatively inexpensive.  On a material cost basis, depending on the hourly rating, it is comparable in price to low-density cementitious fireproofing and less expensive than medium or high-density spray applied materials.

In certain circumstances, DriClad is even less expensive than low density spray fireproofing.  For example, it requires no heating and minimal building protection in winter.  Albi DriClad requires no special steel preparation and it may offer schedule savings in other situations that make it the low cost alternative.

Will DriClad spall, delaminate or crack?
No.  The material will not spall delaminate or crack as the boards are made of spun material fibers and resin.  There is no cementitious component.  The boards are also mechanically affixed to each other.

Are there any issues with fungus or bacteria?
No.  DriClad has been tested to ASTM C665 and shows no fungus or bacteria growth.  It is chemically inert and highly resistant to moisture.  Do we have a copy of the test?


Fire Ratings, Codes and Approvals

Why does Albi stress Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ratings?
UL is the undisputed leader in the evaluation of fire resistive construction materials.  UL’s specialized facilities, fire test experience, rigorous impartiality and wide acceptance by code officials are unmatched by other testing bodies.  

Albi participates in the UL follow-up service program which assures that the product sold continually matches the product tested. 

What is the maximum hourly rating achieved by Albi DriClad?
DriClad is rated by UL for up to four (4) hours of protection.

Does Albi DriClad comply with BOCA, SBCC, ICBO and IBC requirements?
Yes.  All Albi products are designed to meet all relevant local, state and regional building codes, including BOCA, SBCC, ICBO and IBC.



What is the minimum steel size?
For wide flange columns, the minimum size is W10 x 49 or any steel size with a minimum W/D of .83.  For wide flange beams, the minimum size is W8 x 31 or any steel size with a W/D of .79.  For structural pipes and tubes, the minimum A/P is .25.

For steel sizes smaller than what was tested, please contact Albi Manufacturing for assistance.  

How do you best fireproof a steel truss?
It depends on the size of the truss.  For a large truss, you treat the component parts as individual pieces of steel using the column designs.  On a steel joist made of smaller members, box the entire assembly using DriClad.

Can grease ducts be fireproofed with Albi DriClad?
DriClad is ideal for enclosing duct work.  It has been tested by the State of Wisconsin for one (1) hour protection of a grease duct.  In that test, the duct was boxed with DriClad on all sides.



What trade installs Albi DriClad?
It can be installed by approved Albi applicators or by carpenters, contractors accustomed to installing board materials and other fireproofing contractors.

What equipment is required to install Albi DriClad?
DriClad is best cut by a table saw, otherwise, a knife or hand saw work well.  The boards must be fastened with the AlbiScrews.

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