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Albi DriClad


Albi DriClad is a mineral fiber fireproofing board for use in interior or semi-exposed locations and provides up to four hours of protection.  DriClad can be pre-cut for easier on-the-job installation.  Its density and thickness are factory controlled for uniformity of application and adds minimal weight to the structural steel.  It encases structural steel or other materials and can be applied in any temperature or weather conditions.  As a board system it does not require any surface preparation to the substrate.  DriClad is installed using our Albi Screw system.  Typical applications for Albi DriClad are:

Columns, Beams, Floor Deck & Roof Decks

No steel surface preparation is required since DriClad is mechanically affixed to itself in a box configuration around columns and beams. 

Albi DriClad can be attached directly to roof and floor decks or attached to furring strips hung from the deck.   

  • Can be installed during cold weather.
  • Can be installed without worry of fall off, typical of SFRM, or foot traffic during construction.
  • Is fastened with welded stud pins, powder actuated pins or self-tapping screws

Additionally, the construction schedule is enhanced because the other trades can work as DriClad is being installed. 

The images below show the sequence of encasing wide flange beams and a corrugated steel floor deck.

Albi DriClad  Mineral Fiber Fireproofing   Structural Insulation Screws

SFRM Alternative

In certain project conditions, Albi DriClad can offer substantial savings to cementitious fireproofing:

  • DriClad can be installed to painted steel, eliminating metal lath as required for SFRM.
  • DriClad is a board fireproofing, installed to itself dry. This eliminates water, wet mix and overspray, typical of --SFRM, making it a cost effective alternative in occupied spaces.
  • DriClad can be used to encapsulate cementitious material on roof decks, floor decks and any delaminated SFRM.

A major problem with SFRM during construction is that it is often spray applied to roof decks prior to the roof and mechanicals being installed.  Unlike SFRM, DriClad can be installed regardless of weather conditions and, since it’s mechanically affixed, it will not fall off or delaminate during the construction phase.  
mineral fiber fireproofing board   Mineral Fiber Fireproofing

Modular Steel Buildings

Albi DriClad has been used in the construction of modular steel buildings for both fireproofing and insulation purposes.  It is installed by the manufacturer at the manufacturing site.  
Albi DriClad has been used extensively at the mateline of modules to provide a cost-effective, easily installed fireproof gasket.


Albi DriClad has the following benefits:

  • Noncombustible
  • Can be installed year-round
  • Can be stored outside
  • Cost effective for 1-4 hour ratings
  • Can be installed while other tradeswork in the same area
  • Chemically inert - DriClad is resistant to any fungus or mold growth
  • Can be used to encapsulate cementitious material on roof decks, floor decks and any delaminated SFRM
  • R-value of 4.1 per inch
  • High sound absorption
  • Can be installed by carpenters, drywall contractors, general contractors or facility owners
  • Easily repaired - If a section of Albi DriClad is damaged, simply remove the damaged piece, cut a new section and replace.


Albi Driclad Solution  Interior Sound Absorption Fungus & Mold Resistant Fireproofing                    Albi DriClad  Mineral Fiber Fireproofing


Albi DriClad on 3-Sided Members
A three-sided member describes a condition in which Albi DriClad is used in conjunction with spray cementitious fireproofing to protect a substrate.  It is UL approved and ideal for cold weather applications as well as tight areas where access to the substrate is limited.  

Albi DriClad installed on the perimeter edge of the structure.  Spray applied fireproofing will be added to the interior sides of each member.


Albi DriClad Shipping Specifications

Material Thickness 1 inch 1-5/8 inch 2 inch 2-1/2 inch
Sheets per Pallet 45 28 21 18
Total Square Feet per Pallet 1080 sq. ft. 672 sq. ft. 504 sq. ft. 432 sq. ft.
Gross Weight per Pallet 900 Pounds 900 Pounds 900 Pounds 900 Pounds

All sheets are 4 ft. x 6 ft.