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Albi Clad 800

Albi Clad 800 is a solvent based intumescent mastic coating applied to structural steel, concrete and other construction materials for exterior applications. It is UL classified for up to three hours of protection. Albi Clad 800 should be specified wherever long-lasting, exterior fireproofing is needed. The industries that typically have a call for Albi Clad 800 include:

Oil Refineries & Petrochemical Facilities

Albi Clad 800 is used on pipe racks, vessel and tower skirts, tank legs and the structural steel (including galvanized) of the facility.  It is used primarily to meet the refinery guidelines for fireproofing and bring a refinery up to code for their insurance carrier.  Albi Clad 800 is fire tested to the UL 1709 Standard, Rapid Rise Fire Tests of Protection Materials for Structural Steel.  This test is a requirement for the petrochemical industry and its structural steel.  In addition, UL1709 is most often required by the internal loss prevention groups in many of the chemical/oil companies. Albi Clad 800 is approved by Underwriters Laboratory Inc. for exterior conditions on structural steel & concrete.  

Typical application is 350 mils for a 1-1/2 hour fire rating, but some projects require as much as 750 mils for a 3 hour rating.  Key points that put Albi Clad 800 ahead of other intumescent and cementitious products are:
1.    Lower applied cost – 20% to 30% less.
2.    Single component --- easy to use.
3.    Simple spray equipment.
4.    Easy clean-up.
5.    Fabric only on the flange edges --- faster installation.
6.    No topcoat required --- durable finish.
7.    Can be applied by in-house maintenance personnel or painting contractor.


Albi Clad 800 provides long-term, in-place, maintenance free performance for exterior architectural applications.  It is a lightweight intumescent coating designed to highlight architectural design.  Typical applications include schools, convention centers, medical facilities, hotels, office buildings or anywhere the design calls for aesthetic, contour application.

Heavy Industrial

Albi Clad 800 withstands extreme weather conditions, chemical fumes, high abrasion and is impact resistant.  It is highly recommended for use on oil refineries, petrochemical plants, LNG production, power plants and dock facilities.



The major benefit of Albi Clad 800 is its ability to stand up to the harshest of environments. It has a 30+ year track record of standing up to severe weather conditions and abuse such as chemical fumes or constant vibration. It is also highly resistant to ultraviolet exposure.

UL Classified for up to 3 hours protection of both interior & exterior steel and concrete.

UL1709 Rapid Rise Fire Tests of Protection Materials for Structural Steel Designs is generally a requirement for the insurance carrier in certain manufacturing or chemical environments.

Albi Clad 800 is tested to the Commercial/Architectural Construction fire test standard ASTM E-119.

Single component factory formulation eliminates the need for job site blending. This also eliminates the need for costly plural component airless pumps.

The solvent base eliminates application issues below 50 degrees F.  

 Fire Resistant Coating   Albi Clad 800  Fireproofing  

Unlike most other materials on the market, Albi Clad 800 does not require a topcoat as part of the UL design. Since a topcoat is required by other manufacturers, it must be maintained to continually protect the underlying fireproofing. This significantly increases long-term costs.

Lightweight, hammer-hard, thin film application follows the contour of the substrate. The hard finish is an advantage in harsh physical environments. Outstanding wear resistance eliminates dusting, flaking, cracking and delamination.

Albi Clad 800 is often used as a quick and easy repair to failed high density cementitious fireproofing.

Albi Clad 800 is approved by major building codes and insurance underwriters.

Albi Clad 800 provides an aesthetic architectural finish.

Albi Clad 800 is available in Trowel Grade.  Small patchwork or damaged areas may be hand-troweled or gloved. When hand troweling, tools must be kept wet with Albi Clad solvent in order to avoid sticking

Albi Cote 487S primer is recommended for use with Albi Clad 800.  Please contact Albi Manufacturing for other compatible primers.